Today we are announcing big changes to Knurld. We have merged with a team from our parent company KnuEdge to form KnuVerse. We are excited to be launching KnuVerse‘s cloud platform on November 7th. The KnuVerse platform is going to expand the offerings for our leading edge voice biometrics, and we are excited to have you come and check it out.

As we are making the transition to the new platform, we will discontinue this instance of our offerings.

Please note the following important date:

  • January 15, 2017 Knurld service terminates and all data stored in the Knurld cloud will be deleted.

Effective as of today, new users will no longer be able to register but all existing accounts will remain fully functional until termination.

Please download the content in your Knurld account and safely back it up. After January 15, 2017, you will no longer have access to your content. Please note that due to the many upgrades to our platform, your accounts and data will not automatically be transferred to the KnuVerse cloud platform.

After November 7th, come check us out at

We thank you for the support and look forward to seeing you at KnuVerse!!

The KnuVerse Team

 Question #1: Why is the Knurld service shutting down?
Answer: Knurld is now KnuVerse and we’re creating a new service to better address the world’s voice authentication needs.

Question #2: What happens to my data stored on the Knurld cloud service if I am not able to backup before November 15th, 2016?
Answer: Data in accounts and all settings will be deleted after this date without any recovery option.

Question #3: How should I backup my data on Knurld?
Answer: We have a script you can run to automatically download everything here or you can manually use the API to download all data.

Question #4: Where are all the API docs now?
Answer: You can access the API reference here.