APIs to manage the Consumer resource.

Calls (phone calls) provide an optional tool that can be used record audio for enrollments and verifications. By providing a valid phone number, you can transform any telephone into a temporary microphone and send recorded audio directly to the system. This recorded audio can be downloaded through the api or sent directly to an enrollment or verification.

API for retrieving service status.

The verification process allows developers to verify a consumer's utterance of a word or phrase with that of a previously enrolled voiceprint.

Get OAuth2 Access Token using client id and client secret

This API allows an end user (consumer) to be logged into the voice verification system for enrollment and verification of voice prints.

The analysis API analyzes an audio wavefile to automatically find speech endpoints for the purpose of enrollment or verification.

App Models allow developers to create custom enrollment and verification schemes to fit their needs. They store configuration options and engine settings. For instance, one subset of consumers might be enrolled in a fixed phrase application e.g., my voice is my password with a high verification threshold. A different subset of consumers might be enrolled in a random phrase application with city names e.g., Boston, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta. The Enrollments and Verifications endpoints will respond accordingly and prompt for information depending on the selected application.

The enrollment process allow developers to associate a consumer with an application model. After enrollment is completed, the consumer will be able to verify their identity by speaking the phrase used during enrollment.