Posted: December 08, 2015


When you use the Knurld services, we collect and use information we receive about you to provide the services.  This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.  Please read our Privacy Policy carefully so you understand how we are using this information about you.


Speaker Recognition and Verification


The Knurld services allow third parties to recognize who you are (“speaker recognition”) or verify that you are who you say you are (“speaker verification”) using your voice.  In the same way that you can recognize the sounds of your friends’ and family’s voices, computer voice models can allow computers to recognize voices. 


A voice model may be created for you using recordings of your voice.  At a later time, this voice model created for your voice may be compared against another recording to determine if that other recording is your voice or someone else’s voice.  Performing speaker verification in this manner may provide additional security when used combination with other security procedures, such as passwords.


Knurld collects information about you to provide speaker recognition and speaker verification services to third parties.  For example, your bank may use the Knurld services to assist in verifying your identity using your voice.  Because the Knurld services relate to identifying you, Knurld stores information that uniquely identifies you, such as an identification number or code. 


Information We Receive


Knurld receives information about you from third parties.  For example, your bank may, with your knowledge and consent, provide voice recordings and other information about you to Knurld.  To provide the Knurld services, Knurld receives voice recordings of you and information that uniquely identifies you.  Knurld may also receive other information about you, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, gender, and languages spoken.


Knurld may also receive information when you use the Knurld services to further improve the Knurld services, such as the following:

  • Knurld may log your use of the Knurld services, such as dates and times of use and the outcome of recognition or verification.
  • Knurld may receive information about the device you use with the Knurld services, such as type and brand of device, unique identifiers of the device, and an internet protocol address.
  • Knurld may receive your location, such as a location provided by your device or by cell-phone towers.
  • Knurld may receive a unique identifier from a third party that the third party uses to identify you.


Knurld may create a Knurld profile for you and may associate the above information with your Knurld profile to improve the Knurld services.  For example, Knurld may apply different criteria when you are using an unknown device or are in an unusual location (such as in another country).


When you access our websites, we may use cookies and similar technologies to identify you, to identify your device, or to store user preferences and information.


Use of Information


Knurld may store the received information, process it, and use it to provide the Knurld services.  Knurld may store the received information on a server that is located outside of the country in which you live.  Knurld may process the received information, such as by creating voice models, creating speech recognition models, creating other models for speaker identification and verification, performing speech recognition, creating a user profile of information relating to you, and performing speaker identification and verification.


When providing speaker recognition and verification services for a third party, Knurld receives voice recordings from the third party.  Knurld processes the voice recordings to determine if they match voice models and provides results of the match back to the third party.


A third party may send information about you to Knurld to determine if Knurld has a user profile associated with you.  For example, a third party may send information such as a unique identifier, email address, name, and address.  Knurld will inform the third party whether or not it has a user profile that matches the information.


Knurld may share received information with trusted business partners for purposes of improving the Knurld services.  Our trusted business partners will comply with this Privacy Policy and take appropriate confidentiality and security measures.


Knurld may share received information for legal reasons where Knurld has a good faith belief that sharing the received information is reasonably necessary to meet any applicable law, regulation, court order, or other government request; enforce violations or potential violations of any applicable Knurld terms, such as the Knurld Terms of Use or the Knurld Service Agreement; or protect the interests of Knurld, Knurld users, or the public as permitted by law.


Knurld may share non-personally identifiable information publicly and with third parties.  For example, Knurld may share information relating to general statistics of the use of Knurld services.


Knurld’s Privacy Policy may change in the future, and Knurld will post any Privacy Policy changes on this page.  Knurld will also keep prior versions of this Privacy Policy in an archive for your review.